What is a Sustainable fitness plan?

August 25, 2023

We’ve all been there.

We know we have to change our habits and want to finally be the best version of ourselves.

So we enroll in a new exercise plan and start yet another diet with great motivation, only to fall off the wagon time and again because “life got in the way”. 

In today’s life, we play so many roles at once and it can seem that despite our best intentions, sometimes working out and keeping the perfect diet are just not our top priority. 

Things like taking care of a child or loved one, finishing a big work project, or having the opportunity of going on an amazing trip, -or even just a night out with friends-; can all be deeply satisfying. 

But the resentment that comes from deviating from our regimen and skipping workouts or ditching the healthy eating streak can leave us feeling a little guilty and frustrated.

We feel that even with our best intentions to lose weight and get healthy, we always seem to fall short of our own expectations.

And so our motivation starts to wane… 

and we start to make room for even more skipped workouts and disorganised eating.

And soon, we feel like we have to do something extreme to reverse this.. Again.

But what if we could change the script? 

And rather than beating ourselves up and giving into negative self-talk and guilty feelings, we realised

that getting healthy is not just about a quick fix to get done in 2 weeks, 4 weeks or even a few months, 

but about long term health and fitness.

Is it possible to treat ourselves with self-compassion and kindness, 

and build a sustainable workout routine and diet that is adaptable to our real life?

And here is where the word Sustainable becomes so very important. 

Sustainable means that it can flow around everything else that is happening in your life. 

Some days you’ll train more, some less. Some days your diet will be healthy and balanced, but others it may not.

Building this wiggle room will allow you to concentrate on what you CAN do everyday and show up, -even if only for 20 min-. 

You might end up eating a place where there are no “healthy” options, but you might choose to skip dessert.

One thing is certain: this flexibility will end up creating more CONSISTENCY  than you can imagine! 

This consistency will help you build self-reliance and 


which is much more important than motivation. 

It will create a system to keep you moving for the rest of your life.

If you’re interested in learning how to create a sustainable diet and workout routine that can help you reach your long term goals, drop me a line and let's start a conversation. 

Having a coach can really be the game changer in creating changes that will last a lifetime.