Mindset is the missing ingredient in all fitness and nutrition plans.

August 19, 2023

There are no magic wands.. But working on your mindset can make magic happen..

For years I struggled with trying to find the perfect nutrition plan and fitness routine that would make me finally feel amazing in my body. 

I tried everything from running half-marathons to vegan diets to juice detoxes, in hope of losing the pounds I’d gained after having babies and restoring my energy, vitality and confidence. 

The truth is I just wanted to feel like myself again and placed all my expectations on the latest fitness and nutrition plan I started. Promising myself this time.. I would do it right.

But I kept failing.

As soon as I skipped a couple of workouts or ate out for a couple of meals, I’d let myself go in a downward spiral of self-sabotage that led to guilt and frustration. 

And I found myself at almost the exact same place, BUT with less energy and an overriding feeling of not being good enough.

Have you ever been there?

It wasn’t until I started incorporating mindfulness and mindset practices into my wellness routine that I realised that

I had been failing time and again because

  1. I was not being kind to myself
  2. I always took the all-or-nothing approach
  3. I was not clear on my intentions 
  4. I was attached to outcomes
  5. I did not believe I deserved health 

All these fitness and nutrition programs were lacking the key ingredient that made it possible for me to ACTUALLY stick to the plans successfully, make them sustainable and reach my fitness and wellness goals, 

All these programs were missing the MINDSET element

and to feel incredible WHILE working towards these goals. 

10 years later, as a holistic wellness coach I still find many of my clients wanting the “quick fix cleanse” and “15-day total transformation” fitness routine that will finally make them FEEL amazing in their body..

But the truth is that..

There are no magic wands.

But working on your mindset can work like magic..

Becoming aware of thought patterns that don't serve you, 

working through limiting beliefs regarding your own health and wellness, and practicing becoming who you want to be….. can truly help you to

Finally align your actions with your intentions,

let go of perfectionism,

and treat yourself with kindness.

And this will take you farther than you ever thought.

The more I work with clients, the more I confirm that exercise and nutrition are only a PART of our health and wellness equation and the MIND plays a most important role in achieving our wellness goals. 

And this is why I created Mindset, Metabolism, Movement, a 

12 week program that takes you beyond nutrition and exercise, and that will help you create a blueprint for wellness, both inside and out. 

If you're interested in learning more, drop me an email and let's start a conversation.