August 19, 2023

Switch from a survival mindset to an enjoyment mindset during the holidays and avoid weight gain.

So here come the holidays.. A time to share special moments with family and friends, where food brings us together and reminds us of happy memories.

But for most of us, the holidays are also coupled with the holiday stress of preparations, never-ending to do lists, and even more stress around being able to enjoy these moments, but knowing you might end up over indulging in all the high-caloric content of most holiday meals, - which inevitably will lead to gaining weight, and then feeling miserable and guilty. 

Sound familiar?

But enjoying holiday celebrations does not have to equal ditching all your self-care and wellness goals… 

and frankly, restricting your diet during the holidays is no way to live..

Here are my top 5 tips for switching from a “survival” mindset to an “enjoyment” mindset during the holidays, for keeping your metabolism burning fuel anytime, anywhere, and for feeling great during the holidays and beyond. 


  1. Avoid the all or nothing approach- This mentality often sets us up for failure by thinking that because we are not being “good” or eating the healthiest foods, we might as well drop the towel and let go. This often leads to over-eating, weight gain, and guilt. 

Instead, think of your wellness as a long term goal that allows some wiggle room to enjoy different foods. Being relaxed about it takes away the guilt, and when things are not forbidden anymore.. Well you know.. You want to eat as much of it either, and will ultimately help you make your diet sustainable in the long run.

  1. Move daily- Even if this means putting on music and dancing it out for 10 minutes in the bathroom, in your PJs. The benefits to your metabolism are huge: you will not only process carbs and refined foods better, but also be more in touch with your body.. Which will make you less likely to overeat. Bonus points for adding weights! 

  1. Don’t skip breakfast or lunch- If you have a celebration dinner, don’t skip a meal thinking you’ll make up the calories. Doing this is the perfect set-up of overeating later. Instead, take a few minutes to plan your day for light meals and snacks, to make sure you’re not excessively hungry when you get to the party. 

  1. Tune into your REAL hunger- We are so used to eating with our eyes and our minds that we often forget to check in with ourselves before we sit down to eat, or before we have dessert. I encourage you to keep track of how hungry you are before the meal, and instead of counting calories, let your body tell you when it’s really had enough. And relax, you can always take the treat with you for a yummy Christmas breakfast.

  1. Nourish yourself with the company, the bonding and the love.. Not just with the food- Tuning into the present moment and being aware of the connection you are making with others opens us up to enjoyment without overindulging in the food or wine.  

The most important thing to understand, is that enjoying the holidays without guilt is not about counting calories, but about keeping an active metabolism while allowing some wiggle room in your life, without spiraling out of control.